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“In the superb hands and voices of Gloriae Dei Cantores, Hovhaness clearly aligns himself with a  higher authority.”

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Gloriæ Dei Cantores marks the centenary of American composer Alan Hovhaness with this collection of sacred choral works. With selections spanning Hovhaness’ rich musical career, this SACD invites the listener to explore the broad-ranging cultures and styles from East and West that the composer loved and sought to portray in his music. The critically-acclaimed Gloriæ Dei Cantores lend their hearts and voices to Hovhaness’ “noble desire for the regeneration of mankind,” and invite a new generation of listeners to experience his work.

“In the superb hands and voices of Gloriæ Dei Cantores, Hovhaness clearly aligns himself with a higher authority.”

Premiere and Only Works

Track 1 Cantate Domino, Psalm 98
Track 2 Immortality
Track 3 Unto Thee, O God
Track 5-10 Simple Mass
Track 12-14 Three Motets
Track 15 Hear My Prayer O Lord, Psalm 143
Track 16 I Will Rejoice in the Lord
Track 17 Why hast Thou Cast Us Off?
Track 18 The God of Glory Thundereth
Track 19 O Lord God of Hosts

Critical Acclaim


  • “Really, this is music of unexpected range and quality, not at all what one might expect from the composer of that lid and roof-lifting spectacular, the Mount St Helens Symphony. In short, From the Ends of the Earth is one of the finest choral recordings I’ve heard since the Tyberg Masses, made with the South Dakota Chorale (Pentatone). That album, also available from NativeDSD, was one of my top picks for 2016, which tells you something about the musical and technical prowess on show here ... Be sore amazed; I certainly was ... This is singing and playing from the heart, and Steve Colby’s expansive, naturally balanced recording captures it all to perfection. This album gets off to a splendid start, with the incisive, spirit-lifting Cantate Domino. The organ accompaniment is warm, weighty and, in keeping with the up-tempo nature of the piece, surprisingly nimble ... As for Unto Thee, O God, the second of the Four Motets, it’s distilled delight. What a lovely, rich tone this choir has, the Ave Maria haloed by another Schuman solo, plus harp, oboes and French horns ... I daresay the grateful acoustic of the Church of the Transfiguration in Orleans, Massachusetts – the choir’s home turf – has a significant part to play in the success of this album; it’s not a cavernous space with a muddying echo, so detail and nuance are never lost. More important, there’s an intimacy here that’s entirely right for music that speaks from soul to soul. As for the well-rounded organ – the Stygian pedals thrilling in the title piece, From the Ends of the Earth – it’s a perfectly scaled presence throughout. And I can’t fault the conductor, who shows impeccable judgment and unfailing musicality from start to finish.”
    Dan Morgan, Music Web International

  • “... an excellent introduction to the sacred music of this fascinating and deeply spiritual composer.”
    The Diapason
  • “The performances are carefully shaped, with much attention to intonation, balance and nuances of phrasing. The disc is a worthy contribution to the Hovhaness discography ...”
    Walter Simmons, Fanfare

  • “This album, recorded in great surround sound, brings to light nine previously unrecorded works ...”
    Steven Ritter, Audiophile Audition

  • “... a significant and comprehensive recital that crosses over the composer’s unique sound and varied styles ... A very well done disc, superbly sung ... a pretty special release. The singing shows Gloriæ Dei Cantores at their bright, enthusiastic best. The super audio format is worthy of its name, and we’re supplied with the most handsome booklet I've seen in quite some time.”
    Philip Greenfield, American Record Guide

  • “Most of this music will be new to listeners, and we are fortunate to have these dedicated performances beautifully recorded.”
    Robert Benson, ClassicalCDReview.com

  • “This welcome SA-CD was recorded by Gloriæ Dei Cantores, on their own label ... and offers almost 76 minutes of short choral works, nine in their first recordings and a further two previously recorded for privately-issued LPs that only die-hard Hovhanophiles are likely to have sought out. In total we have here 14 works spread over 19 tracks, of which 11 are commercially available for the first time ...

    It is hard to imagine a more committed group for Hovhaness than Gloriæ Dei Cantores ('Singers to the Glory of God')...the quality of the singing is extremely high. Also high is the quality of the 32-page booklet. Lavishly illustrated with attractive background imagery, it contains an overview of Hovhaness’s life and musical creed, brief discussion of the works performed, and usefully reproduces all sung texts ... Hats off to Gloriæ Dei Cantores and their musical director Elizabeth C. Patterson. This much-needed disc helps reduce a gaping hole in the Hovhaness discography, and should go some way to introduce these very accessible works to choirs and music lovers alike.”

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