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“See if you don’t melt into tears as I do. Not much in music is this beautiful ... the choral sound is rich and full ... thrilling.”
American Record Guide

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This collection of twentieth-century American psalm settings features many recorded premieres, including works by Hovhaness, Nelson, Adler, and Hanson. Other composers included are Ives, Starer, Thompson, and Pinkham.

Premiere and Only Works

Track 1 Psalm of Dedication Adler
Track 3-7 Make a Joyful Noise Hovhaness
Track 8 Behold How Good Pinkham
Track 9 Thou Hast Turned My Laments Pinkham
Track 10 Open to Me the Gates Pinkham
Track 11 O Lord, Thou Hast Searched Me Nelson
Track 12-13 Psalms of Woe and Joy Starer
Track 15 The Lord is My Shepherd Thompson

Critical Acclaim

  • Kudos to the ensemble and its conductor for first recordings of a great deal of important American choral music by (primarily) conservative mid-20th century masters, many native born. Elegantly modulated performances. Choral tone is invariably rich and well-balanced, with excellent diction in a live acoustic. Care with phrase shapes, pacing, variety in dynamic range and overall energy.
    David Katz for The American Prize

  • The Ives is beautifully sung, with apparent ease in accomplishing the work's many technical complications, but it is the pacing, the sense of drama (always accomplished within a reverent, religious framework) that makes the performance a standout. Rarely have I heard the work hang together so coherently--each verse has otherwise often seemed too independent of the others: now this, now this, now this. Not here. Equally impressive (and rare) is the solemn winding down of energy at the end, where the composer's addition of distant bells is so beautifully, hauntingly achieved, and so rightly recorded. Like the rest of this huge collection of psalm settings, the Ives is a remarkable achievement which I look to enjoy for years to come.
    David Katz for The American Prize

  • ... Psalm 90 in its setting by Charles Ives is its greatest setting ever. In this gorgeously-sung version ... let the music get to you: it is perfectly suited to the words. When the choir sings, “And let the beauty of the Lord our God be on us,” see if you don’t melt into tears as I do. Not much in music is this beautiful.... the choral sound is rich and full, often quite thrilling.
    American Record Guide

  • Like their previous CDs, this new Gloriae Dei Cantores recordings is a treasure: truly important American choral music presented by the group unsurpassed in performing music of this kind. The American composers included in this and earlier recordings are indeed fortunate to have these marvelous advocates.
    Dominick Argento, Composer

  • After one look at the list of composers, and ten minutes into the disc I was cheering...The singers are excellent...Alan Hovhaness...has produced one of his finest works, here recorded for the first time...and these singers give to his music a special reverent intensity... All the soloists performed their difficult parts with ease and commitment and excellent tone.
    Music Web International

  • Gloriae Dei Cantores convinces throughout...Best of all is that the group’s performances are emotionally involved...it is a pleasure to hear this ensemble’s work. The repertoire is similarly intriguing....powerful...Recommended

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