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Psalm 99

Dominus regnavit

The Lord is king, be the people never so impatient; he sitteth between the cherubims, be the earth never so unquiet. The Lord is great in Sion, and high above all people. They shall give thanks unto thy Name, which is great, wonderful, and holy. The King’s power loveth judgement. Thou hast prepared equity; thou hast executed judgement and righteousness in Jacob. O magnify the Lord our God, and fall down before his footstools; for he is holy.

Moses and Aaron among his priests, and Samuel among such as call upon his Name, these called upon the Lord, and he heard them. He spoke unto them out of the cloudy pillar; for they kept his testimonies, and the law that he gave them.

Thou heardest them, O Lord our God; thou forgavest them, O God, and punishedst their own inventions. O magnify the Lord our God, and worship him upon his holy hill; for the Lord our God is holy.

The coverdale translation edited by W.S. Peterson and Valerie Macys — used with permission.