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“...an inescapable beauty that envelops the ears and transports the senses.”
Audiophile Audition

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Gloriæ Dei Cantores Schola presents The Chants of Angels. Using the ancient melodies and texts of the early church, each Gregorian chant depicts a new aspect or story of these heavenly guardians, guides and friends, from the most intimate plea to our own guardian angels, to the great announcement made to the Virgin Mary by the Archangel Gabriel. For those who are new to Gregorian chant and for seasoned scholars, The Chants of Angels allows listeners to simply close their eyes, and be surrounded by these songs of prayer and comfort — just as they are surrounded by angels.

Critical Acclaim


  • “While I have always approved the schola's chant recordings, [this] disc attains a new height of excellence, the best chant singing of any American choir.”

  • “I am so happy that the Cantores have embraced audiophile surround sound as it adds a whole new dimension to their already generally superb recorded legacy. ... The voices on this recording infiltrate the room, flooding it with an inescapable beauty that envelops the ears and transports the senses. ... a living and vibrant faith, and one hears this in every syllable of the Cantores' singing. ... The full texts and translations, along with little blurbs to guide us along the journey, are tasteful in the extreme and colorfully done in a premium presentation effort.”
    Steven Ritter, Audiophile Audition

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