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Crux triúmphans, decus poténtium,
Crux a Christo sanctam et amábilis,
Nostra salus et desidérium,
Spes nostra et robur fortitúdinis
Sánguine Jesu tincta et decoráta,
Crux splendens a fonte lúminis,
Adorámus te, peccatóres nimis,
Ut vita nostra tibi possit esse grata.
Jesus! Nomen dignum triumphále,
Jesus! Nomen excédens ómnia,
Jesus! Super omnes nullum talle,
Jesus! Ómnium spes única mea,
Tibi pando peccáta
Pie clamans misericórdiam.
Tu es Jesus, pax et protéctio,
Indígnus tamen ad te vénio,
Ut me trahas ad tuam glóriam. Amen.
Triumphant Cross, glory of the powerful,
Cross made holy and lovable by Christ,
Our salvation and desire,
Our hope and strength of our courage,
Dyed and adorned with Jesus’s blood,
Cross brilliant from the source of light,
We adore you, we sinners beyond measure,
That our lives may be pleasing to you.
Jesus! Worthy triumphal name,
Jesus! Name exceeding all others,
Jesus! Above all men, there is none like you,
Jesus! Of all my only hope,
To you I reveal my sins,
Devoutly calling on your mercy.
You are Jesus, peace and protection,
Though unworthy, I come to you,
That you may carry me to your glory. Amen.

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