Going through the hills on a night all starry
On the way to Bethlehem,
Far away I heard a shepherd boy piping
On the way to Bethlehem.

Angels in the sky brought this message nigh:
“Dance and sing for joy that Christ the newborn King
Is come to bring us peace on earth,
And he’s lying cradled there at Bethlehem.”

“Tell me, shepherd boy piping tunes so merrily
On the way to Bethlehem,
Who will hear your tunes on these hills so lonely
On the way to Bethlehem?


“None may hear my pipes on these hills so lonely
On the way to Bethlehem;
But a King will hear me play sweet lullabies
When I get to Bethlehem.”

Angels in the sky came down from on high,
Hovered o’er the manger where the babe was lying
cradled in the arms of his Mother Mary,
sleeping now at Bethlehem.
“Where is the new King, shepherd boy piping merrily
Is He here at Bethlehem?”
“I will find Him soon by the star shining brightly
In the sky o’er Bethlehem.”
“May I come with you, shepherd boy piping merrily,
Come with you to Bethlehem?
Pay my homage too at the new King’s cradle,
Is it far to Bethlehem?”

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